SITUATION: I've connected video to the video 1 input of the VMS 616 (software version 23CD05) in order to take advantage of the larger full screen of the Digital Dash video display. Unfortunately, I discovered when the parking brake is released the VMS 616 switches to the full screen gauges display. While there is a tiny video of the rear camera it is useful only for casual observation, not for detailed monitoring. QUESTION: Is it possible to defeat the automatic switchback software action so that the rear camera (monitoring the towed vehicle) can be viewed full screen at will while driving simply by selecting the "video" button?

Submitted by CLothrop on Wed, 2013-06-05 08:56


After speaking with a SilverLeaf technician it appears that the software is PURPOSELY WRITTEN so that the Digital Dash returns to the gauges screen when the parking brake is released. This means the rear camera is not viewable full screen when driving. Unfortunately, this prevents those of us who want to to examine our towed vehicle(s) more closely (for problems developing for instance) when traveling. The tiny-tiny window on the gauges screen is inadequate for such scrutiny. I can only guess that the current code was written in for legal considerations. To make the system more useful I suggest the code be modified so that video access be added so the user can select making the video accessible while driving. If need be, perhaps with a time limitation of say 30 seconds could also be added before the display reverts to the default gauge display. I hope this suggestion is given serious consideration by the development team at SilverLeaf. The current configuration seems inconsistent with the "maximum driver information" principle of the Digital Dash philosophy.