Submitted by Art on Sat, 2016-04-16 22:01

All VMS™ models - from the incredible VMS-755 Glass Dash to the budget-minded VMSpc - all support these incredible features. All gauges are digitally accurate, with readings taken directly from the engine and transmission for ideal accuracy and relevance. You can't get better instrumentation than a VMS™.

Digital Engine Gauges - Accelerator Position, Battery Volts, Cruise Control Set Speed, Coolant Temperature, Engine Load, Fuel Rate, Instantaneous MPG, Intake, Manifold Temperature, Speed, Tachometer, Turbo Boost Pressure, Additional Gauges - Dependent on Engine Model Fuel Injection, Pressure, Fuel, Temperature, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature.

Performance Analysis Gauges - Horsepower, Output Power Factor, Torque Output, Rolling Miles Per Gallon

Transmission Gauges - Requires Allison 6-Speed World Transmission - Gear Selected, Gear Attained, Mode (Economy / Performance) Shift Inhibit / Do Not Shift Condition, Torque Converter Status, Temperature, Shaft Speed.

Diagnostics - Professional Electronic Diagnostic “Scan”, Automatic Diagnostic Recording, 4096 Event Memory Capacity, Plain-Language Code Translation.

Trip Features - Trip Miles Per Gallon, Trip Miles, Trip Time Elapsed, Trip Fuel Consumed, Trip Average Speed, Trip Miles Remaining, Estimated Time of Arrival, Estimated Fuel Required, Trip History with 4000 Trip Capacity.

Other Features - Maintenance Tracking, Pre-Drive Checklist, Engine Odometer, Hourmeter, Fuelmeter Engine Identification, Cruise Control Troubleshooter, Cruise Monitor, Trouble Monitor