v4.0.4 was released Early May 2016 and replaced by v4.0.5 in Mid June 2016. 4.0.3 Bugfixes: 2a. Help menu item, About, needs to reflect new Rev level. ==Fixed this. 2b. Help menu item, Added a link to the manual, still need link to FAQ, website. -in process, manual link may still need more work. Works on Win-7; others? 3. Communications, re-enable the 'Hello' WiFi section. ==Done. 4. Layout Saves, does not always autosave all changes. New gauge won't save. Theme change does. Resize/ Move does. ==Couldn't consistently repeat this or find problem. Need more info on computer OS (7, 8 or Win-10) 7. Audible Alarms .wav works, .mp3 does not. ==All audio files need to be placed in VMSpc root folder to work. 9. Alarm Test Program freeze on test of a .wav (Win10 USB, sample = 1) ==A missing file was fixed yet Win-10 'in the wild' still report freezes; local machine does not. 10. Diags Gauge, Properties box: Only static color, 'other' is broken. ==All color buttons and styles fixed (custom colors). 11a. WiFi Settings; wrong default address. Never connects to VMSpc. Rebuild using as default. ==Fixed this to correspond to correct address. 11b. WiFi Settings, note on AD-HOC to use . This should read "AD-HOC or AP mode use ". ==Fixed wording to be helpful. 14. TPMS: Something broke. Now not working. [Thanks user 'Steve' !! ] This **IS** a show stopper...so, building a new version just now. ==Misplaced a line of code: moved it. Fixed. 15. Engines: Defaults to looking in My Documents. Should be looking in C:\VMSpc(build#)\vmspc\Additional_Engines\ ==Not consistent across platforms. Maybe fixed.

Submitted by hax on Sun, 2016-05-15 13:01


Art, I can install my engine into the program. When ever I select Advanced, Engine Type, the program goes to downloads and show the various engines, but when I select ISL 400 it only highlights it, but it doesn't load into the program. Selecting Advance, Engine Type again it once again goes to downloads of additional engines. How to I get my engine type loaded into the program? I've tried the program on both Win 7 and Win 10 with the same results.

Link internally is for a default-directory, perhaps because of a mismatch of a missing, expected, directory. Need an error trap to ensure the hook is for the actually created Additional Engines Folder regardless where (under which rev its named) is at. Added to bug list for v4.0.5. Thanks HAX !! Art //

Is there a directory that this version is looking for so we can put them there? Mine is acting goofy. Trip miles alternate between 2 sets of numbers, and other. Thanks. Dean Found msg re dir. Thanks

Submitted by brhodes51 on Thu, 2016-05-19 10:00


Operating under Windows10 and the Alarms feature is still non functional as follows: 1. When playing .WAV file the system stops responding and goes into a prolonged reset mode to recover control. .MP3 seems to work as required. 2. Will not save any alarm set values such as above/below, how many times the alarm sounds. After setting these values and hitting save, they are returned to the default of under and 70.

Hello Rhodes Okay--so we made one step forward (with working MP3s.) We still have a/some Win-10 machines hang on WAV We couldn't recreate the hang you'd originally reported. Others haven't had the problem. Its going to be a pretty specific patch/ fix. I'll confirm this is still on the bug list to sort out. Alarm Values: I don't remember that being on the previous bug list. Will add it. There's no solution for the moment--yet, a big thanks for the solid details for what we need to start sorting that out. cheers Art //

Submitted by mhughes on Wed, 2016-05-18 23:45


2008 Safari C7 350hp Seems under 4.0.4 the Cruise Status no longer functions. Works OK under 3.x showing either a 0 or 1 In scanning pids I don't see cruise status only cruise set speed. Am I missing or failed to do something?

Hello Mike It may be something broke alrighty. Which connector are you using; 6 or 9 pin? If 9-pin, are you seeing J1708 data? Try using the source selector (if using 9-pin) to switch between J1708 and J1939. See if there's a difference. That selector is new in v4: (Advanced) (Communications) [bottom of the window] Change it from both to J1939, then, (OK) Report back your finding so we can try to simulate it. cheers Art //

So, do I understand correctly, in 'Both' Cruise Status flip-flopped set-to-on abnormally? And, in J1939 only it displays as expected? And, while it displays correctly (in J1939 mode), it never appears on the PID list? I think this really narrows down what we need to look at. Art //

Hello Art, Sorry, forgot the part on which plug. 9 pin. When set to both it flip/flops from "off" to "set" continuously. ( I may have misstated that before ) when set to J1939 it is fixed as "set" and never changes regardless if the cruise is turned on or not. PID 85 is not in the list when sniffing.

Submitted by Mark_S_Gilliland on Tue, 2016-05-24 22:28


Hello Art, Windows 10 Sorry Art I should let you know that I am a Windows Geek, with training towards servers and desktop software installations. First I am using WinZip Version 20.5, when I tried to Un-Zip the file it failed stating corrupt file. I also wanted to try and install the program in Windows Program Files X86 folder, where most programs install to, did not work same corrupt error message(might simply be a problem with WinZip). When I selected the VMSPC.setup.exe file within the WinZip program, it successfully installed without problems. Now to the main heading of this post. I noticed when I went to un-install the program and re-install, Windows still shows the version as 4.03. Art I hope you had not started work on the TPMS item, I do not know what I was thinking, I had used it before. I changed the axle configuration, and things are just fine on that item. Oh thank you for putting the link to the manual into the Help selection screen "Cudos"

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2016-05-25 07:40


Hello Mark WinZip: I can't give specific help using WinZip, we recommend using the Windows-native extraction tool instead. When clicking on the download link, choose Open With instead of download, using the default; explorer. The install instructions on the Installation Page may be more useful here. On installation and X86 folder: In wanting to put it with other software, it may help if I pull the curtain back a little. VMSpc is a stand-alone, non-registry based bit of software. We need it to stay small and completely portable. When it installs, we'd like it to stay identifiable and exportable--that's why it defaults to just the C:\ drive. This way a fella can just copy the folder, paste it into the 'new' pc and keep going when the old PC is problematic. On version number: There's likely a bit of wording, within the install/ uninstall .exe, which wasn't updated. I'll get that added to "Add" list. Its not critical as the pointer (for which items to remove) is hooked to where the user has chosen to install. Toads and Axles: Good call, that section is due to be recajiggered soon. If you like, in the mean time, one can select the unneeded tire and hit the backspace to remove it from the layout. The whole stack-o-button look will likely be replaced with a more representative group; more in the nature of physical location. Keep the ideas coming Mark--looking good! cheers Art //

Submitted by norwestie on Wed, 2016-05-25 10:43


I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad2 with whatever current version of Win10 MS is throwing out today and 4.04 VMSPc. When I choose full screen, all is good until I try to go back to the menus at the top. If I have a mouse connected (which is only for setup), a long press will return to the non-full screen. But using my finger or stylus has no effect. Is there another way to get out of full screen?

Yes, there is. Hello Pete If a keyboard is attached, either the F11 or ESC key will do the same. If not, a long-press on the background. This does require a small spot otherwise unoccupied by gauge devices. Hope this helps Art // ===================EDIT==================== Bug - added to fix next build, Win-10 specific ===================EDIT====================

Submitted by norwestie on Wed, 2016-05-25 10:53


After setting up my new install of 4.04 with all the gauges I wanted, I attempted to change the background colors of the various panels. Clicking on "change color" brought up the palette, I chose a different color and clicked Okay, then Okay. The panels all still showed up white. If I right click on a panel, the chosen color shows up in the thumbnail. What I found is that you need to also check the Use Unique Color button before the changes are visible. This is different from version 3.0.

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2016-05-25 18:00


Feature Hello Pete, The Palate, as selected from (Advanced), is the defacto color selection. The way to bypass it for coloring, say, a group of gauges is to individually select unique colors. Its not a true step-wise process. Perhaps it can be. For now, however, one selects the desired color then Unique Color button Check Box. As an aside, it makes sense from an un-doing perspective--as its then easy to undo individual/ custom color sets. cheers Art //

Submitted by norwestie on Fri, 2016-05-27 09:27


I found that the color I'd chosen for the Tank Minder pane didn't work so I tried a long press to change it. No effect. Then I tried double-clicking. That reset the numbers. There doesn't seem to be any way to get at the settings without using a keyboard or mouse, which I don't travel with.

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2016-05-31 09:58


So let me see if I' understand: Under tank minder, you wanted a custom color. Using the touch screen, you couldn't select the desired color. [By design, a double-click will reset the numbers] And, this is Win-10 on a ThinkPad. As we don't have Win-10 with a touch screen, this will be added to the bug-list. That makes it a global problem--not just your outfit. If someone else can reproduce this (an/or something like it), we'll dive into it much quicker. If not We'll have to gather more feedback from the other users. Again, a big thanks for detailing this. Its this really great feedback that helps us dial in the niggling stuff. cheers Art //

Submitted by BamaFan on Wed, 2016-06-01 20:23


In some of my gauges I would like to change the font size independent of the gauge height. Is this maybe in your plans?

It is now... Hello 'Bama I'm adding this to the "Adds" portion of the wish list as posted here in the forum. This has come up from time to time yet its a tricky one to implement as the gauges-as-boxes are dynamically sizable. How do you feel about an button/arrow changer; 'Larger" - 'Smaller'? This may be more doable than actual-point-size fonts. We could maybe add this feature to the various gauge templates--to include the Diags gauge. This was a line-item, item-4, to add this to Diags. It would make sense to add this to all the gauge/devices. Its an all-gauges request now. Keep the ideas coming! cheers Art //

Submitted by BamaFan on Thu, 2016-06-02 16:37


Art, I am having a problem getting my VMSpc 4.04 to run. Before it will load, I see a VMSPc Load Error dialog with the message "Failed to load Meters File, Attempting Backup". After I close the dialog, the application does load and run with my latest screen, so it's not a complete failure, just annoying. Can you explain this error? What is a meters file? Thanks, Royce

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2016-06-03 08:43


Hello Royce Whenever this has come up prior, its been related to a custom/ non-standard install. For example, if the user installs normally to the default folder setup--but then copies the program (instead of creating a shortcut) onto the desktop. The program will run, however the support files aren't within reach (meaning in the same folder) so can't be read or written to. New files may be created, as one saves the layout but, they'll be on the desktop. Its usually this or a permutation of this arraignment. Have a look; is it a shortcut or actual program you launch from? cheers Art //

Submitted by BamaFan on Sat, 2016-06-04 09:35


Art, I am still having this problem. After erasing all of the installed files, I re-installed the program using the standard installation. Now the error message is "Failed to load Trip file, defaulting values". After I close the error box the application runs using my latest screen and parameters. I tried reinstalling twice, doesn't effect any changes. This is on a HP Pavilion running Win8.1. Royce

This file loading problem has mysteriously disappeared after I did some editing of a couple of gauges. However, I did notice that the global lock gauges function (last item in the Advanced menu) still does not work across sessions. If I set the Lock Gauges flag, the gauges cannot be moved until I shutdown and restart the program, whether I execute a save or not. After the restart, any gauges can be moved around the display. Am I understanding this function correctly?

Submitted by Franktr on Wed, 2016-06-08 08:57


I posted this on a different forum within this web site and was asked to post it here. I downloaded the software on June 2, 2016, I am using a Acer One 10 with Windows 10 and now for the first post First How I do I change the color of the boxes? I have selected change color after a double click of the gauge but it stays white with blue letters. Second Maybe I have a bad box as it shows a disconnect with the JIB and shows about 28 bad packets. I have turned everything off for a reset but I get the same. Also, I do not get a Trans Temp, Oil Pressure, or Gears. I have a 2006 Safari Cheetah with a CAT C7 350 HP. I would think the engine would record Oil Pressure? I am going to play with it some this afternoon and see what happens. I am sitting in storage with the engine running maybe I need to drive and see if anything changes? Things are getting better I now understand why I don't have the inputs outlined in number 2 above. However still having trouble changing box colors I got two to change but not sure how that happened. Learning Now that I have figured out my engine and transmission do not provide certain data most of the issue above are solved. However, I am still not able to change the background color of individual gauges. I can change all of he gauge colors but not a single gauge background color. To be clear I was able to change one gauge background color but I have no idea how I did that.

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2016-06-08 10:18

In reply to by Franktr


A Right-Click (or, on a touch screen: Long-Press) on the desired gauge will open the gauge properties box. Choose the desired color using the color picker then Check the box labeled "Use Unique Color," then (OK). In the manual, you'll find this on Page 6. I wrote this to help fill-out the understanding of new users, have a look. You may open it from the help menu (Help)...(Manual). Its in the C:\VMSpc_4.0.4\VMSpc folder, too. Which transmission did your Cheetah come with? Art //

Submitted by Franktr on Wed, 2016-06-08 11:07


All is working and I have gauge colors. My only issue is that the math questions are getting a little hard. thanks

Okay--now that's interesting. Is anyone else seeing this? Hello Pete, I'm adding it to the bug list though I thought we squished it with v4.0.2--as you've seen a clear drop-out from version-to-version. Thanks for the heads up! Art //

My cruise speed is always reliable but the cruise status is confusing. With a cruise speed set and actively in use, the status varies between set and on. With the engine off I get NO DATA which makes sense. Then if I turn the ignition on and don't start the engine the status fluctuates between OFF and SET. I don't remember what it is with the engine running and cruise turned off. I wonder if these fluctuating signals are coming from the ECU or being created by the VMSpc. I am running 4.0.4.

These messages are all originating from the transmissions' ECU. However, its a complicated dance, worthy of Danish costume pageantry and poise. Our software must "parse out" the messages which the Trans is passing along. This has been difficult for many reasons. Long and short is we need more work on the parser. We may need to capture a Raw Log from your trans for a minute or so (at the time you see it oddly changing states.) This will help us zero in on what new "exception" rules we may need. cheers Art //

Submitted by BamaFan on Sun, 2016-06-12 08:53


The coolant temp gauge warning light is always red, whether engine is on or off, and regardless of the actual coolant temperature. I can't turn it off regardless how I set the gauge parameters. This is new in 4.0.4 - never had this problem in 4.0.3.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-06-13 11:51


Hello Robert This is pretty odd. Can you confirm your gauge is using PID 110? [This, checked by way of Parameter Editor.] I suspect you have a faulty temp sensor. Is your prior (or non v4.0.4) software still available? If possible, give one of those a try to see if its in fact v4.0.4 giving a false report. Also, though it seems redundant; create a new gauge--also using PID 110. Does it suffer the same Always-Hot sign? cheers Art //

Art, I compared the parameters and PID for this gauge with those I used in v4.0.3. They are identical. In 4.0.3 the warning light never turns red until the coolant temp exceeds the red setting. I also created a new gauge, but got same results. I don't remember the performance of 4.0.2 for this gauge so I will try that version and continue testing in an attempt to further identify the problem. Royce

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-06-13 15:12


Anyone else seeing this Always Hot condition (Even when off?) Robert, Could you take a look down the list of gauges (using Parameter Editor) to see if any other gauges are trying to use PID 110? I'd expect this to be glaring in many folks' eyes...not just one... Art //

Art, I think I may have found a clue to this problem. When I try to edit the parameters for the coolant temp, the parameter editor doesn't save the low red line and the low yellow line values. It always reverts to the defaults of 5 for each of those. But I don't know yet how this relates to actual engine-on performance. I will have to let you know next week. I will take some pictures. Royce

Hello Royce I can see where this would be a problem--as it will always be above 5' -so always 'Hot.' I experimented on my setup, changing the values to force an alarm then closed the program without saving. When relaunched, the values were retained. Changed again with same, predictable results. So, our problem statement is: On one installation, a gauge (Coolant) gets a bogus parameter set and is then 'stuck.' It may or may not be able to be changed. We've seen similar issues with prior build--like when the Odometer came preloaded with a factor of 1.3 built in. ooops. Makes me wonder if we shouldn't build-in some sort of manual-reset, a Push This to return all gauges to defaults or burn a new copy of the Param file. We don't have enough solid data to have, say, model-presets; ISL, ISC, ISX, 3126... Just too many other factors to consider as well. So a re-do may be the best fix. A reset would sorta shotgun the issue you're witnessing. I'll talk with Josh the coder to see how this might could work then add it to the bug list in that format. Thanks Royce! Art //

Submitted by dmintzer on Mon, 2016-06-13 16:22


Trip from pa to southeast. Working well. Thanks

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2016-06-14 08:19

In reply to by dmintzer


Couple questions: Does your Gear Selected and Gear Attained work properly? ...and... Is your Engine Coolant Temp reading correctly? These are issues we're trying to narrow down. (PS What year is your coach?) Art //

Submitted by jjgraffy on Tue, 2016-06-14 19:39


I'll add one more to the list of Cruise Status not showing up in a PID scan. That is not the only difference. Between V3 and V4 I am finding 52 PIDs. There are 10 PIDs in V3 that don't show up in V4, and 13 in V4 that don't show up in V3. This for a 2014 Cummins ISL 9 450HP. Jim

Jim Give a call when you're able--or, list out which are going missing. I will ask one tedious thing: to use the J1708/J1939 tool (Advanced...Communications...) to limit the data to one data-bus or the other. Same goes for the wonky cruise status, if manually selecting J1708, does it present normally (or at all?) This as a way to know if they're falling off from the J1708 or J1939...though I have my suspicions. We have that missing Gear Attained info from the J1939; coincidence? hmmmmm.... cheers Art //

Submitted by ajk-eis on Thu, 2016-06-23 22:05


When you create a maintence item you can define both a time interval and a mileage interval for the item. In all older versions the maintenance list showed for example "6 Months, 5000 Miles". In 4.04 it Shows "6 Months, 0 Miles". IOW all of the mileage intervals show up as 0 miles regardless of the mileage interval setting. The settings are correct (greater than 0) and seem to work accordingly. cheers Al

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2016-06-24 08:40


Mornin Al Clearly another bug to squash. So, it functions correctly but displays "0" (mileage) interval while doing so. Got it. I'm adding this to the next build--however, Josh has just compiled 4.0.5 so this will have to wait til 4.0.6 (date: tba) Art //

Submitted by mhughes on Fri, 2016-07-08 15:19


Anyone else notice that under 1400 RPM "Horse Power" and "Torque" read "0" As seen by others "Road Speed" jumps up 5 MPH constantly. Also seems fuel used is off by about 20%

To compare apples to apples, make sure you mention the build (ie 4.0.4), jib and which databus you're seeing this on. In Communication, use the bus-selector to select either j1708 or j1939 to do so. As for the 0-HP, its probebly a limit of the graphs supplied (or scrounged) from cummins. The torque-curves usually start @ 12~1400 rpm. That means we can't show accurately anything below that...so we don't. However, there have been special requests for a special low-range file. In those cases, I extend the curves as close to the natural as possible. Its not terrifically accuate at 700RPM but, at least its not zero! Try out one of the other engine files--they only affect the display of torque and hp. Try the "Cummins ISL 400 low RPM" and I think you'll see it start just off an idle. Let us know if you don't. On the jumping, again, more detail. And, for now yes, others are seeing it on J1708, its somewhat limited but we're not sure why. We need your feedback on this, would be a big help. :-) cheers Art //

Submitted by mhughes on Tue, 2016-07-19 12:43


Build 4.04. In this case its a CAT C7. I don't remember Horse Power and Torque reading zero at 1400 rpm and below with version 3.x. Perhaps it did. Road speed jumps up 5 MPH constantly. Seems like every other update. About 1 second or slightly less intervals. Coach is now parked for a while. Next trip out I can try switching between j1708 or j1939

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2016-07-20 08:39


Hello Michael I opened up all the engine files for the C7. Here's how those minimums break out: HP..........RPM start 300..........700 330.........1400 350.........1400 These hold true regardless of the software build. I'm not really happy with these high start values however. Look like its time to poke around, see if the original source graphs from which the engine file was built from can be had. That may allow me to recajigger the numbers to get the '1400s to instead start in lower. Stay tuned.... Art //