Finally got around to replacing my old Thinkpad running MS Vista, with a new Lenovo windows 10 11" foldover PC. I have been using VMSpc for almost 10 years with my Holiday Rambler WBS35 Endeavor with a serial JIB and a 25 foot J1708 I made myself. I was using VMSpc ver 3.01 because it always worked and did exactly what I wanted. I had downloaded ver 4.04 and tested it but it was not my running version. So long story short, downloaded the latest dist. disk, drivers and spent 2 days trying to make it work on my new WIN10 PC w/o success. Finally called Art and after reviewing all my setup troubleshooting he suggested I replace my 9 year old serial-usb prolific adapter which would not run with the latest driver ( code 10in device mgr). Quick trip to Best Buy, bought a new adapter and 5 minutes after installing I was up and running. Thanks Art! Also Kudos to all the Silverleaf team, great products and great service.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2017-04-10 16:25


Hello Ron Glad to hear the new adapter got your system up and running. Bravo! cheers Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259