Submitted by Art on Fri, 2016-02-05 12:40

The ultimate gauge cluster has arrived. SilverLeaf’s VMS 645 CL provides a full "digital dash" that expands the benefits of SilverLeaf’s VMS technology to the greatest degree possible. Every analog gauge and indicator light is replaced by precise, accurate, and stylish digital images in this complete cluster replacement. How about some examples?

 Newmar, Foretravel, Country Coach, Monaco and American all offer the VMS 645 CL on their coaches. The product is also available as an aftermarket addition for almost any recent model diesel pusher. Each version is unique, programmed to the specifications of the coach builder. The VMS 645 CL uses a state-of-the-art display for outstanding daylight readability using special optics to eliminate glare, so the sun’s reflection does not cause the "white-out" that makes almost any ordinary plastic surface unreadable. The color scheme, or palette, automatically changes with the headlights, along with the back light brightness. During the day a hot, bright palette gives vivid contrast, while at night cool colors pamper the eyes. The design takes full advantage of the digital technology.

In addition to the conventional icons that populate an ordinary dash, this unit provides a "message center" that explicitly states what all the warnings mean. It includes warnings such as "low fuel" that come in gradations. The fuel icon and "low fuel" message will change from yellow to red as the tank empties, and temperature messages and icons will do the same as temperatures rise. The product folds in all the features of the smaller VMS displays, such as trip information, diagnostics, and support for the many SilverLeaf accessories.

One remarkable feature that was first introduced on the VMS 440 CL is the video capabilities. The unit provides a video window for the rear camera (or possibly other purposes). While driving the video window is just large enough to show the tow car and monitor the surrounding lanes. While in reverse the window expands to the full screen for a detailed view of the area behind the coach. The unit also provides choices in  screen lay out and style of gauges. Each RV manufacturer has their own gauge designs and layouts to choose from. These include purely digital gauges, along with showy analog gauges and various hybrids. Different layouts may emphasize certain gauges, and a driver may change his selection according to the type of driving he anticipates each day.

Knowledgeable RVers may know that other companies have produced "digital dashes" before SilverLeaf. The concept of a "glass dash" is common in aviation, and RV builders have tried to emulate their airborne brethren. All of these attempts have been based on PC technology, and have been hobbled by poor displays, unreliable hardware, and software challenges. SilverLeaf is fortunate in starting with a robust display technology that has been in commercial use for some time but rarely available to the consumer.

Our biggest advantage over predecessors is our experience with automotive electronics. The VMS 645 CL uses the same solid-state electronics as our well-proven VMS 440 CL and is designed for the automotive 12V DC environment. Most importantly - it does not do Windows! SilverLeaf is responsible for every line of code - it comes on instantly, and is immune to the bugs that bedevil PC systems. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - or in this case, the driving. The feedback from our customers to date has been tremendously positive. Everyone seems to appreciate having precise, readable gauges that can be trusted, along with all the driver tools and other benefits. And no one seems to mind having to show it off to everyone else in the RV park.