trying to run VMSpc at less than full screen so I can run Streets & Trips at the same time. VMSpc ALWAYS opens in full screen and clicking on the reduce button does nothing. Also tried grabbing the screen border and dragging, still no change. I'm using the latest release of VMSpc and Windows XP. Other programs can be run partial screen.

Submitted by roadwarrior on Mon, 2012-04-09 18:32


I windows 7 starter. If I click on - which reduces the screen to the tool bar it works. but I can only see one screen at a time by using ALT-TAB.

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2012-04-24 09:20


I understand that Windows 7 Starter is limited to 3 running applications, but was not aware that the applications were limited to Full Screen only. According to Windows 7 Starter- what are the limitations?, you should be able to let two applications be displayed Side-by-Side. If you click on the Middle Box in the Upper Right Corner of the VMSpc Window, can you Click and Drag any of the Corners to re-size the VMSpc Window??? Please refer to my Post, Windows(TM) Windowed Applications and "Maximized" verses "Full Screen" for specific directions.

I run many apps at once in windows 7 starter. how ever the VMSPC app is maximized in both maximized and non maximized modes. when in non maximized mode, on other apps a double arrow will appear on the edges but not on VMSpc.

I don't have Windows 7 Starter, and I have not heard from anyone else mentioning this issue. VMSpc is a Simple Windows 32 MFC application and will behave like any Windowed Application. On my Windows 7 Home Premium desktop, I can re-size VMSpc to a point where Only the Title Bar is visible. If you Click on the VMSpc program, giving it the Focus, and then make sure it is in the "Restore Down" mode, you can then Press and Hold the ALT key, and then Press and Release the "Space Bar". This will bring up the "Shortcut Menu" for the Current Window ( which should be VMSpc ). The "Shortcut Menu" should have Active Options for "Move", "Size", "Minimize" and "Maximize". The Focus should be on the First Item, "Restore", which is Not an Active Option. Press the Down Arrow to move to the "Size" Option and Press the Enter Key. Now you can use the Arrow Keys to Re-size the VMSpc Window. Press the Enter Key to exit the Re-size Mode.

Hmm... Fascinating.... As a little test, next time you reboot, you might bring up your other apps first, then VMSpc... To see if VMSpc behaves like it should or like you were first experiencing.. If it works as it should, when being the First app launched, but not otherwise, I would guess it would relate to different versions of certain System DLL('s), and the First Application to request it gets its choice, and the rest of them have to live with the First applications choice.

Submitted by deen on Fri, 2012-05-18 00:26


Running full copy of Win XP, on the netbook. Will have to try starting the other app first and see what happens. I see that someone hijacked the thread.