hi, i have run vmspc for years on 2 different coaches. i have been running it on a lenovo thinkpad with windows 7 ultimate just fine. i have the newer version of the JIB with built in usb i just bought a new ivy bridge laptop the lenovo ideapad y580. i installed the vmspc software and set it up. used the 64bit drivers from this web site to load the usb drivers. they loaded up fine and when i plug in the usb cable for the vmspc box they see a new device and finish installing the drivers succesfully. then i plug the vmspc into the coach still ok. as soon as i turn the ignition on, the laptop shuts off completely. will not reboot unless i turn the ignition off. before the ignition is turned on, the green light is steady on the vmspc box and the red light is flashing. i am very perplexed. please help me. btw, all my other usb devices work normally on my new laptop and i did try the various ports on the laptop and it shuts down no matter what port i use for the vmspc. tom