I have had such great experience with my VMSpc, I haven't been on the forum for many years. Altho the program is working fine on my old Omnibook 800CT, running Windows98, I believe I have version 2.2 which seems to be way out of date. Will the later updates all work on my setup (2002 Cummins ISL)...or is there an intermediate update that I should use instead of the very latest...which I think is 3.0? Can you point me to a link to where ther differences in the updates are described? Likely my question is already answered there. Thank you.

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Mon, 2013-08-12 13:37


I don't know of a Comprehensive List of the Updates to VMSpc.. These are the Major Additions I remember being added: Version 3.x added support for the WiFi JIB. Version 2.5 added support for the USB JIB. Version 2.4 added support for Advantage Pressure Pro tire monitoring. Version 2.3 Integrated the Parameter Editor.