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PressurePro PULSE FX, Anyone?

Just learning about the VMSpc system. Really an impressive package. Not long ago, bought a 2001 Country Coach, and I'm trying to fit it out. One of the first things I learned was that the tires, which all had 3/4 inches of tread to go, were about 9 years old! So, we started thinking about a TPMS. (Actually, we also put new tires all the way around, but still, I want to be able to monitor them.) That somehow led me to learning a little about the Silverleaf VMSpc. Understanding the PressurePro system was the only TPMS that integrates with it, I sprange for their PULSE FX - after all, I have an Android phone . . . [ ] But when I tried to install the PULSE software, the phone says, Sorry, cannot operate on this old a phone. Does anyone know, does the PressurePro PULSE FX bluetooth integrate directly with the VMSpc software? Since my phone is no good, can the Windows tablet I was intending to use as a VMSpc display pick up and display the TPMS info?

Histogram does not show any trends.

I have a VMSpc running on my coach. Everything works well except for the Histogram I have 6 items on my Histogram and I know that all get valid data because they all work on other gauges and I am using a bar graph as a legend which shows the readings. However, on the Histogram, the trends/lines just stay on the bottom and do not respond to show the values of the actual parameters selected. I am using an HP laptop with detachable screen so that it acts like a tablet. It is running Windows 10. I have not had any other issues with the laptop and there is sufficient memory available. Can anyone help me solve this problem???

VMS 645

Just a question on my 645, When Dale hooked all 3 camera's to dash we were having a problem with side camera's not working so we reprogrammed dash to show rear camera when using turn signals. It worked for a while then stopped working. Now every once in a great while it will show rear camera. Is there a fix for this?

AutoCharger setting

Hi, I am new to the forum and have a new to me 2006 Country Coach Magna. It came with very little documentation and I am trying to figure out how to change the AutoCharger setting from disabled to enabled. I've attempted to change it in the VMS but had no success. I do have a Total Coach Service panel but there is no place to make a change to AutoCharger. My steps have been as follows: VMS - Select SPEC once and land on the Genstart Status page where the only thing selectable is the Sync to VMS. The page shows AutoCharger disabled and I cannot scroll to the AutoCharger line. I then press SPEC again and I land on the Genstart Settings page, I scroll down to highlight AutoCharger push the button then land on the highlighted disabled option. I turn the nob but it I cannot change the disabled to enabled. BTW, my tank readings are completely off but that is a discussion for another post. Am I supposed to be able to select AutoCharger from the status page or is there somewhere else you go to change that setting? Thanks in advance for all your help. Regards, JFerrer 2006 Magna Rembrandt