I have a retro fit VMS 616 Glass Dash (I think). It was installed at Beaudry RV in Tucson on a 2001 Country Coach Affinity. Pretty neat system all in all. Last week I had Beaudry convert the old float system over to the Sonatrac Fuel sensor as the old float device wasn't working with the SilverLeaf. After having the new sender installed I am having a difficult time getting everything calibrated. For Example, the Technicial (Eric Olstrom) set the gallonage to 160 gallons. When I filled the fuel tank the Gauge read 107%. I ran the Coach 400 miles which should've uconsumed some 62 gallons give or take. The gauge is now reading 75%. I believe the reading should be more like 60% give or take. Is there some parameter I can change to make it track more accurately??? Nick Caruso Boerne, TX