Hello folks I am trying to get my gages back as I had them set up on the old computer. I did a full software download from website to the new computer. Then copied the VMSedit.exe, VMSpc.exe and the *.SCR file for my gages from old to new laptop. The .scr file is my personal configuration of my gages. My gages did not come out exactly correct on the new computer. Maybe 80%, but a lot of work to rebuild the remaining 20% (remember the 80/20 rule?). The old VMSedit.exe file did not transfer over in the same configuration, as it was set up on old laptop. The VMSpcedit file looks like the original, no matter what I do. I think this (the VMSedit file) is key to my problem. My old laptop uses XP Home, and new laptop uses the XP MCE operating systems. Anyone know of an easy way to get my old ages back intact on the neww computer. Thanks for any help here. Larry

Submitted by Martin Perlot on Tue, 2007-01-30 10:13


You can just copy a few files over from your old machine, and you shouldn't have any problems. We very deliberately organized the data to make this simple. PARAMTRS.DAT contains the gauge parameter information (i.e. red and yellow lines, names and units, not the screen layouts). It's the file that VMSedit modifies. Just copy it over. SETTINGS.DAT contains the name of your default SCR file, your engine name, screen size, com port, etc.. You could have just copied this over, but at this point you have already set up your new system and probably should leave it alone. ALARMS.DAT contains any Audible Alarms that you set up. You can just copy it over. ODOMETER.DAT contains the last reading from the engine odometer. This allows you to use the trip odometers when the engine is off. It updates the moment you plug into an active engine, so copying it from the old laptop is futile. That about covers it. The specific answer to your question is: copy PARAMTRS.DAT and enjoy.