I've spent a small fortune on serial to USB adapters trying to get the VMS program to recognize the link between computer and engine. I've owned the program since last February 2006, purchased it at the FMCA rally in Pomona, CA. We full time and since that time I've actually been able to make it hookup about 6 times and I've tried 4 different serial to USB adapters. I'm very frustrated, and know that the product is a very good one, but in this day and age why are we still trying to provide a product that still uses the serial port instead of the USB port that is, probably, the industry standard for laptops anymore? I'm very disappointed in my purchase. Has anyone else had the same problem? The unit itself glows white and blinks red when engine runs but I get the error signal,"Failure Between JIB and PC" or when trying other com ports "PC Port Failure". I've tried every port available and like I said on about six occasions it worked, next time I start the engine, nothing. I've tried Version 2.2 with same results. I'm running XP home addition with service pac 2. Gene Hirschman