My previous problem was solved, but now after a year of correct operation, I'm experiencing a new problem. Every time I travel I get an indication that one of my front tires is below the alert threshold. When I actually check the pressure on the silverleaf screen, the pressure is well above the alert threshold. This state will last for varying amounts of time and then the alert will disappear and everything returns to normal. "Normal" will also last for varying periods of time and then the alert reappears, but again the actual pressure is fine. I have checked on the diagnostic screen and the signals are being received from the transmitter and the pressure and temperature shown on the silverleaf screen does change, but that has no bearing on whether the alert presents itself or not. There is no pattern to any of this other than the false alert usually occurs in the driver's side front tire, but every once in a while it will occur in the passenger's side front tire. If it does appear in the passenger's side front tire, it will usually switch to the driver's side at some point during the day. Any ideas?? Brian Davis 2005 CC Intrigue 42' OVTS Coach #11901