I have just found out about this product and I know I would love to have it. I went to my coach and the only "interconnect" I can find under the dash is an oblong plug with six connnectors in it. Of the six spaces for wires, only 4 are actually wired ? I can not find a round connector. Does anyone know if the engine diagnostic plug in on this model was oblong as I have described or do I need to search further. My Engine is the ISC 8.3 350 HP with an Allison 6 speed transmission. If this product will work with my setup, wiring specifics would be appreciated. Would I need to buy the pigtail and splice into the wires available to me. Also if you mis - wire the data + and the data - will it do permanent damage to anything -- I ask this as there is so little space to see the wires in the connector I have found. Any help will be appreciated. David Knight 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage 36C Cummins ISC 350 HP