Issue: VMSpc Installs and Starts Up correctly, but you CAN NOT save your changed "layout". VMSpc 2.2 is compatible with Windows Vista, but the Default Install Location is NOT compatible with Windows Vista. You will either, Select a different Install Directory (e.g. C:\VMSpc) when installing, or Download VMSpc 2.3 and install it instead. The Technical Explanation: VMSpc reads and writes Data Files in Application's Install Directory. Under Vista, this causes problems, since the User Access Control (UAC) system, seems to want the Data Files to be located under the Current Users Profile rather than the Application's Install Directory. VMSpc won't look in the Current Users Profile, because it is a simple Monitoring Program, and does not need that level of complexity. CURRENT FIX: The User Access Control (UAC) system currently (with no Service Packs) is only concerned with the "%SystemRoot%\Program Files\" (usually this is resolved as "C:\Program Files\"). Installing the SilverLeaf application in the Root Directory, causes the User Access Control (UAC) system to "ignore" our application reading and writing Data Files in Application's Install Directory. Mark Overholser =================================================================== Mark D. Overholser Engineering Technician SilverLeaf Electronics Inc. 2490 Ferry Street SW Albany, OR 97322 888-741-0259 541-967-8111 541-967-8988 (fax)