When I'm operating in the Drive Screen, he two large numbers at the top center that indicate the Gear Selected and Gear Attained by the transmission do not show. The Transmission Mode, Operating Error, and Torque Converter Status also don't show. Critical values like Engine Oil Temp, Transmission Oil Temp, Air Inlet Temp, and Fuel Temp display zero. What should I do or where should I look? 05 CC Intrique LE Cummins ISL Allison 3000 MH

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2017-10-08 08:44


This is just indicating that a change will be applied once power is cycled. This missive on Powering up kind of skips the ...first shut it off... part. ex: In a given (transmission) menu, make a change. Key off Key on Change will now be applied. Like that. cheers Art //