Recently, I met with one of your tech's at a Country Coach Rally in Amana, Ia. During our meeting I told him that the silver leaf would not always start the generator when the battery's got low. He told me that, most likely, Country Coach had not wired the unit correctly and that when I shut the silver leaf off it was also shutting off the black box. Sure enough, I had Country Coach come in the check the system and the black box was shutting off. He made a wire change at the black box and at that point, once the silver leaf was shut off, the black box stayed energized. No further tests were run on the system till the next day when I turned on the silver leaf I noticed that all my setting had gone back to default settings. I then reset them to the values I knew to be correct. Once I shut off the VMS, all the setting go back to default. Together with that, The VMS can not start the generator but it can stop it.Once stopped, the wave sign icon continued to show the generator running. Do you have any idea what has happened or what CC did to cause this problem? Give me the info and I can fix it. I just need to know where to start. Thanks Tom Connor