I'm intrigued with the PressurePro capabilities now offered but don't understand how the PressurePro system is connected to the VMSpc JIB. What is the "receiver" mentioned in the writeup and what are the four wires that need to be connected. Thanks for your help.

clear all files from the desktop. XP it is on the bar at the bottom of your screen. for win 7 use alt tab till you get to ICon that says Desktop. then look for the Silver Leaf Icon that says VMspc. Right click and select property. it will show where VNsp is installed. click on the date modified and all the recently modified files will either be at the bottom or top. they will have a date newer than uninstall.ini. Zip those files. Then after you install VMspc and before opening it, unzip the files. using the same process as above. I apologize I am not a good writer. Hope that helps