I traded up to the new USB JIB when I bought my new MH with the new Allison transmission. Mostly it is working well with a few odd occurrences. The tranny temp gauge will drop to zero kind of like the torque gauge does when you take your foot off of the accelerator. A few other gauges will do this as well, then pop back in for unknown reason. Any guesses? Do I need to delete the specific gauges and recreate them? I am running the program on a Vista platform. It is because I am using the same files that I created with the serial port adapter? Marty

Submitted by fhalasz on Fri, 2015-02-27 14:55


Marty's complaint is the same as mine - the most confusing being the computed mpg/fuel remaining, which dropped to 0mpg. I requested a replacement JIB and will find out if that fixes the problem on our next trip.