I have a 2005 Alpine. I installed the CL 400 in my dash myself.I believe I have the first CL400 equipped Alpine. I also have the Smart Tire system. What options do I have for upgrade? The Smart Tire sensors seem to be in Short supply. I have sensors in 3 vehicles an enclosed car hauler, my Tundra and the Alpine. Is the CL400 still supported?

Submitted by lcbrisbois on Mon, 2012-04-30 18:34


I recently bought a 2007 Alpine motorhome with a SilverLeaf VMS 400CL installed. There is a lot to learn. My question has to do with the tire pressure monitoring system. My manual doesn't have any explanation of the screen icons. I get screen icons of red, yellow and green, what does this mean? When I manually take the tire pressure it doesn't match the screen display pressure. Some screen displays don't have pressure readings. I may have problems with my sensors but I don't know how to trouble shoot the problems, can you help me? Thanks, Les

You need the Tire Pressure Manual.pdf from the Download, Manuals page. Green, means ALL OK Blue with an X Through it, means a Transmitter ID is Assigned, but there is no data available. Yellow, means there is a Yellow Warning, Pressure is a little low or Temperature is a little high. Red, means there is a Red Warning, Pressure is a Lot low or Temperature is a Lot high. Because of the Pressure/Temperature slope, the Pressure reported by the Tire Sensors can vary from a Stand-Alone gauge. It should be fairly close and deviate more as the Temperature rises, If I Recall Correctly. Remember that Your Tire Pressure Gauge is reporting the Difference in Pressure between the Inside of the Tire and the Outside of the Tire, where your Tire Gauge is located. The SmarTire sensor is located Entirely Inside the Tire, so it reports the Difference in Pressure between the Inside of the Tire and ( I would Guess ) the Pressure of One Atmosphere at the Current Temperature inside the Tire.

Thank you. I have one tire icon not giving me any info', would this mean the sensor is bad? I have noticed the tire temperatures vary by 20 degrees (115 to 135 between different tires). Is that normal?

Possibly... If the Tire ID has been Modified, it will be looking for the Wrong Tire ID, and indicating that there is no Information.. If you go to the "first" Tire Setup Screen on the Diag button, do you have a Transmitter ID on the Far Right side of the Screen?? Those are Tire Id's that are received, but not Assigned to a Tire Position. This is the First Thing to look for when you have missing Tire Data.