Some people using the USB JIB ( JS-501 ), have experienced a Program Crash when accessing the "USB Advanced JIB Properties" Dialog Box. We have been able to Replicate this issue, and we have resolved the problem with Version 2.5 Build 10. Also, included in Version 2.5 Build 10, is support for the "Maxxforce 10" by International®. There are two parts to this support, the Engine Parameter File, and the addition of support for PID 158, "Battery Potential (Voltage)—Switched". The more common PID 168, "Battery Potential (Voltage)" does not appear to be supported. If you have a Maxxforce 10, you will need to use the "PID Sniffer" to scan for all the provided PIDs, and ADD PID 158 to the VMSpc Parameters. You can use the Formats for PID 168 for your "template". This would be in addition to selecting the Maxxforce 10 Engine Parameter file. The above PIDs are the domain of the SAE, their mention is for clarification purposes only.

Submitted by gpzzdrm on Sat, 2012-03-10 17:29


Mark, (FYI) I have had my VMSpc for 6 years. You may remember that in 2006, a friend and I parked our bus conversions in your parking lot. My friend had already purchased the system, and I purchased it at that time. We both have repowered our Eagles to new engines. I have the Cummins ISM (M11) 450 HP now and love it. However, the VMSpc is very much the driving asset of all time. My coach does not leave the parking place without my SilverLeaf up and running. I followed directions I found here to download the 2.5 build 10 version ( I had build 4) I copied the new .exe file, but kept the old one in my VMSpc folder. Do I just delete the old one now, and will new .exe take over? I am not the most computer literate person in the world. You have helped me before, and for that I thank you. Now I thank you in advance for the help this time

If you exit the VMSpc program, and then COPY the VMSpc.EXE file found in the VMSpc CD Immage, to your VMSpc Folder, it will need to REPLACE the existing VMSpc.EXE Program, unless you let Windows 7, keep the Old File as a Backup. When you click on the VMSpc Icon on your Desktop, it will start the newer version of VMSpc..