The current USB-version JIB and VMSpc program is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.x and *whew!!* Win-10. Be sure to download the latest Distribution Disc and / or Signed Driver package for easy installation. USB JIB: Microsoft Windows 8.1 is very recently caused some new grief with our VMS-PC USB device driver. Win 8.1. Symptoms included "PC Port Failure." The new signed driver is in compliance of the Win8.1 standards and must be used. It downloads and installs quickly. Download yours today! Bluetooth: Again...recent "Bluetooth-Smart Ready support" Microsoft introduced in Win8.x has created new issues with the Silverleaf Bluetooth connection. We don't have a solution for that short of a complete hardware overhaul. In the mean time, the Bluetooth JIB is only recommended for Operating Systems Win-7 and prior. WiFi: Our v2.x JIB is shipping and, to date, feedback is good. The connection, once made, may need a checkbox un-checked--which will prevent Windows from looking for a non-preferred connection. This is as Windows just Loves the look for updates...and so will dropped the JIB connection in favor of a Verizon MyFi or open Dutch Bro's hotspot. It may be flying past at 60MPH...but hey...Windows gives it a go and does NOT reconnect to the JIB by itself. The VMSpc program must be closed and reopened in this case. Uncheck the box! We are aware of, in one instance, the Windows firewall blocking the JIB connection from the get-go. Its rare but has our attention as we try to duplicate it. Call if this is you... Art April 2015 ============================================== For the latest version of VMSpc software or a manual, go to the VMSpc download section. Give a call if you have an older computer or are running into a problem after the updates.