In the VMSpc instructions there is a mention that the display can be modified to show information in metric. I started switching some of the parameters and it appears that the only way to do this is one parameter at a time. Does anyone have a default workspace (in metric) file that they would be willing to share in order to save me and other users the tedious work? I'm wondering if SilverLeaf could create and post such a file on their downloads page or include it in their defaults settings distributed with the application.

Submitted by Nunas on Thu, 2012-01-12 07:58


PLEASE Silver Leaf add metric definitions to the list of gauges. Many of us travel back and forth between the US and Canada. We've tried doing it and know it can be done, but we keep messing it up. PLEASE other users, if you have already created metric gauges post it to this forum. Suggestion: Name the gauge the same as the American one but add (SI) at the end to show it is metric. SI stands for System International, which is how metric users identify metric things.

Submitted by Nunas on Thu, 2012-01-12 15:08


I spent hours adding metric gauges for nearly every parameter in the parameter file. My idea was that when I go to Canada I would just right click on any gauge that I want to make metric and choose that gauge. Then on returning Stateside I'd again right click and choose the standard gauge. Don't waste your time. This does not work. VMSpc seems unable to tolerate more than one gauge with the same PID. So, if you want both standard and metric gauges you can create a parm file that is all metric and one that is standard. Then set up a VMSpc for each. I've tried it on sample parm files and it works. But, alas, it is not what I want, so I'll wait for the next version of VMSpc, which I hope will fix this little bug and another that I found. I've reported this to Mark. If anyone wants to have a copy of my mixed metric/standard parm file you can email me at You can see all my conversions and use it to create a metric-only parm file, if that's what you want. Quid pro quo, please report any errors to me.