I have a 1993 Eagle Bus Conversion with DDEC II and an Allison B500 World. I purchased the JIB with pigtail from RVUpgrades a few weeks ago. I'm getting the dreaded PC Port Failure and Failure Between JIB and PC. I don't have a 6 or 9 pin connector so I'm connecting to the Chassis ALDL. The power to JIB is switched. Its "Ok" in Communications dialog until I turn on the Ignition switch. I have 13.5v on red (when ignition switch is on), black is grounded. White wire is fluttering at 4 volts and green at 1 volt. I'm using the J1708 wires on the pigtail. In VMSpc it cycles through Starting, PC Port Failure, Ok, then repeats in communications dialog. Eventually I'll see the Failure Between JIB and PC. I have green light on JIB. Red light blinks twice at a 1Hz rate then waits 2 seconds and repeats. It behaves the same on two different laptops running Vista. I've searched the forum and checked everything I can think of. Attached is one of the raw logs I captured [attachment:rawlog3.zip]. Hopefully that will help pinpoint the issue. Thanks in advance for reading and any suggestions you may have.