Hi, I'm a brand new user of VMSpc. The problem is that VMSpc will not recognize the connection between the Laptop and the JIB, giving PC to JIB failure message. I have just installed VMSpc on my older Dell notebook computer running Win XP. This is a minimalist business laptop sporting one serial output and one USB output. During installation, the pc did not recognize the USB interface to the jib, so I installed the x86 drivers and Win XP recognized the interface, verified by Device Manager which assigned Port 10 to the vmspc usb to jib connection. Verified that in Communications and hit "find" and then "restart" the port. VMSpc will not open the link to the JIB. I follow all the recommendations for making the connections in the right order. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Any suggestions as to how can I trouble shoot this? Mike Dyer P.S. it Does work on another Windows 7 laptop that is too large to be placed on the dashboard. So, the JIB and the USB cable are both fine - it's confirmed to be a software/driver installation problem. Mike