I am trying to set up the program to run on a different computer. It is a ASUS 900 PC running Windows xp. The download goes ok but I cant extract the results to any thing that will open it. On other PC ,explorer has done the job but it is not listed as an option on this little netbook Can anyone give me some help here? The main processor is INTEL Atom if that makes any difference Thanks

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2013-01-08 09:35


I downloaded the current VMSpc Disk Image from, VMSpc Downloads. I used 7Zip to open the Archive and look at the Files. The .ZIP file was created with the InfoZip program, which is standard Command Line Zip program, since Phil Katz is no longer around... There don't appear to be any Archive Errors in the one I just downloaded, so either your Downloads were ALL Corrupted, or your Win RAR is having Issues with the .ZIP format. You might try using Windows "built in", unzip program to see if that would work. Once you get into the .ZIP file, there is a Single Folder labeled, "Distribution Disk - USB Jib". Copy this Folder to your DeskTop and run the "VMSpc25_Install.exe". If all else fails, we can mail you ( USPS ) a CD-ROM with the VMSpc program on it in an Uncompressed format..