Scheduling and remembering all the many maintenance item due-dates has, in the past, just about driven me to distraction. I have tried card files, calendar notations, post-it notes, asking my Lady to help me remember, notes on the palm of my hand, ( the worst idea by far), and Silverleaf’s VMSpc program, all with less than satisfactory results. About fifteen or more different maintenance task’s with number of hours or miles or six month, one/two/three or four year intervals was way too much for me to track and I was always playing ketch-up with some maintenance chores that had sipped by without my noticing. The VMSpc program maintenance section is a good start but I keep the pc tablet mounted and hooked-up in the coach, in the garage 12 miles from home. I do 90% of the maintenance when we are home in the winter. I realized that the VMSpc maintenance section needed to be installed on my desktop pc at home. Then I arbitrarily converted all the hours and miles requirements to calendar months. A lot of the maintenance items have mileage/time notation, whichever comes first. Then I tweaked the due dates in the program to group various tasks too when I wanted to do them. A few in October, some in January and in May to get the coach ready for a long and easy summer road trip without any forgotten maintenance issues. Now my home pc lets me know what maintenance is coming up and I can order the parts and fluids at my leisure and schedule my time to get the job done when it’s good for me. Life just got a lot better around my house and garage.