Hi, I have a Blue Bird Wanderlodge LXi. I'd like to add additional sensors for my VMSpc to display but I'd prefer not to tap into my J1587/J1708 canbus. Is it possible for VMSpc to receive another datastream over a WiFi UDP/IP port? I'd like to use arduino's or similar to monitor my sensors and format the data into J1587 packets. Then I'd like to transmit the packets wirelessly over a UDP/IP data stream. The question is, can VMSpc receive and parse another canbus stream (J1587) over my computer's WiFi (802.11) network? If not, can it be modified to do so? This would be really helpful for those of us who wish to add additional sensors but don't want to tap into our existing canbus. Thanks, David

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Tue, 2013-05-07 17:14


Sorry, it can not.... VMSpc is an RS-232 Serial Device. Even the USB Direct JS-501 still opens a COM Port for Data Exchange between the JIB and the VMSpc program running on the PC..