When I download version 3.0 and copy it to my VMSpc folder, it will not allow installation because it shows a Cat engine and says I have to select my engine. Does not tell me how. Does the tablet I am using have to be connected to the engine to update, or can I do it in my office?

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Thu, 2013-10-10 16:30


Make Sure you download the VMSpc Executable, and place it into the VMSpc Folder. The v2.5 Executable is named VMSpc.exe, the Downloaded one is named VMSpc_0.exe. So you will need to Delete the OLD one ( i.e. VMSpc.exe ) and Rename the NEW one to the OLD ones Name OR Change the VMSpc Shortcut on your Desktop to start the NEW one, rather than the OLD one..