Running VMSpc 2.5 for quite some time now and have periodically checked log file. Quite a few entries but lots of "unknown" type things. Does this mean that I perhaps don't have the right engine file? I do have the software set for my configuration (Detroit/515). Is there a way I can upload my diagnostics.txt and get some help with interpretation? Also, I have added the intake manifold temperature gauge to my display, but it generally reads zero all the time. On our last driving segment, I periodically saw values of 64 and 128. I believe I've experienced a head gasket failure at the same time, based on the symptoms, so I'd like to understand what this gauge can add to my assessment, if it works at all with my engine. Thanks! George C, 2005 Monaco Exec, Series 60/MH4000

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Mon, 2013-11-11 14:18


The Engine File is used ONLY for Torque and Horsepower. A lot of Type, Unknown usually indicates that there is Noise on the Engine Data Bus, and that the Data is being corrupted.. You can e-mail me the file and I can look it over... Values of 0, or 64 or 128 are Powers of 2, ( e.g. 2^0, 2^6, and 2^7 ), and indicate that you have some sort of Status Information.. Can you tell me which PID you are using??? MarkO