I have just installed the new Bluetooth JIB in my rig and am running it on a Samsung 10.1 Tablet. It works well when running, but when I shut it down and go back to use it again the Bluetooth does not find the JIB automatically. When I check the settings in the tablet, it shows as seeing the JIB. The JIB itself is flashing the appropriate lights. To get it to hook up I had to hit the restart on the tablet Bluetooth. It would then search and find the JIB and start displaying information. Is this a glitch in the VMSair program, or something else? Any ideas?

Submitted by no1tinner on Mon, 2014-06-02 09:30


How do I connect my new nexus 7 tablet to the jib. There is a 501 interface for the present usb connection. How much is the bluetooth setup for my present setup,03 Allegro Bus 400 ISL. Thanks, Chet