I just bought a new coach and do not want to use my large laptop on the JOTTO desk. I have room for a small, say 7-8 inch screen to the left of the steering wheel. Can anyone recommend a small display or windows based tablet with a usb port that I can run VMSpc on. I would prefer a single box display and processor but will consider a external display and get a cheap old laptop.

Submitted by toribk on Tue, 2014-02-04 06:04


I just purchased the Fujitsu Q552 notebook with Windows 7 professional and it works great. Has a USB port and plenty of memory with a built-in hard drive.......yet small enough and thin enough to mount it in a cup holder mount just to the left of the steering wheel. The Q552 has recently been discontinued, so it is a bargain at $299.00 from Amazon through Newfangled.