Just checking to see how the progress is coming on the updated VMSair app for Android. The current app is working will, but I would truly love to have transmission info, and a more gauge flexibility! Thanks!

Submitted by gcessac on Sat, 2014-02-15 20:29


Is there any way to monitor the condition of the DPF on the Maxxforce engines??? I believe that the engine computer read this info and displays lights on dash which details the condition of the DPF. Sometimes the engine does a active (mobile) regeneration and sometimes call for a parked regeneration. I would like to monitor this when I am driving. Thanks in anticipation of your response. Gerald

Submitted by rmeusborn on Sun, 2014-04-20 04:54


We understand PressurePro TPMs have a sensor battery status indicator on their receivers. We can't find any on our VMSpc tire status screen. Is there one? Any plan to add one? Thanks, Richard