There are many Tablets, Notebooks and Laptops available which will work just fine for the VMSpc JIB--but note: Microsoft broke functionality with in the Windows 8x release for our original "version-1" Wifi and bluetooth products. Windows 7, problem. Our Bluetooth Jib has been sidelined (as a VMSpc unit) for the time being. The new WiFi Version-2 module is being shipped; it's snappy and connects to all Operating Systems using common Access Point (AP) connectivity. USB JIBs are a wired-solution which work with most all Operating systems--yes, Windows-10 too. (Windows RT is the only standout to date which is not compatible...with anything.) I've put together a list, based on your feedback ratings. The prices are in the ~$200 range. There are hundreds of more models and variations; way too many to list or account for. I've left off tablets with 7" screens as they have feedback that reflects something between difficulty and extreme tedium--though the price "was a steal!" The sweet spot seems to be a 10" screen for most folks. As always "educatus viator timere" ================================================== As of 7-23-2015 --------------- [MANY, dozens more, typically found with an energy efficient Atom processor and are Well less than $200. These have good battery life, good for knock-around use. For tablets using USB and WiFi JIBs, use a splitter or powered-hub to keep it charged. the order of positive feedback (raw numbers)... $180~200 Nextbook (various models) 10-11" (A Walmart store brand) $120 ....Insignia Tablet 8" (A Best Buy store brand) $176 ....Dell Venue Pro 8" (Some of the best ratings this year) $150 ....HP Stream 8" $300 ....Asus Transformer Pad 10.1" $140 ....Dell Latitude 10.1" =================================================== Side note: Many small tablets have only a single micro USB port. How to keep it charged (while underway)? Answer: Use a "Powered USB Hub" Google/eBay/Amazon search it, get one for less than $30. A USB splitter which has a separate leg directed to a charger or adapter are a simpler setup. A powered hub is most commonly a block with multiple USB ports and power (typically 5Vdc) plugged in via AC or DC adapter.