We want to use a new laptop in the rig. The old notebook was tooo old, running XP. The new one is using 8.1 Yes, we did download software on it. I tried "save as" on the old machine, saved to USP stick, loaded to new one, but still can't read the previous data. IT wants to start over. Note that I am very computer un-savvy. Computer illiterate would be a more accurate description! Art J

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2015-07-23 11:55


Hello Art When doing the backup of the old system, specific files need to be copied. Others can be--but are unimportant and won't be used. Since the VMSpc v3.x software is now installed on the new computer, copy over the files to 'recreate' the look and feel--and stats. viz: (anything).scr -your gauge screen files ...the old default.scr need not be copied unless its the one you modified as your own... Diagnostics.txt -your engine/trans error codes Maintenance.vms -the maintenance schedule Message.dat -message box info Odo(numbers).trp Odo(numbers).trp.txt -Trip data from past outings Tnk(numbers).trp Tires.dat -Tire Pressure Monitoring System (copy if present and if being used) Thats about it. This, again, presuming the software now on the new system is v2.5 ~ v3.1 --Beta software is another story. cheers Art Renda Documentation Central, Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259