Is there any way to re-size the entire screen when transferring from one laptop to another? When I tried to view my custom screen that I created on my smaller laptop, some of the information blocks were cut off. I know I can re-do each individual block, however I would like to be able to re-size, the entire box proportionally without redoing the entire layout.

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2016-01-26 03:04


There isn't an auto-adjust, no. Its tedius, yet copying over a simple gauge screen, with just the basic frame, over to the larger device then gives you a template. With this template, you can populate it more easily--as you've found--then move it back. In short however, no, the isn't an autofit. Sorry... cheers Art //

Submitted by Brew on Wed, 2017-03-15 07:24


Hello all, New to the VMSpc program, running V4. Has the .scr format changed to .XML in the newest version of the program? I am unable to open the .scr files provided. Thanks Tim

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2017-03-17 12:01


Hello Brew Yes, the new program uses xml and so one can use other layouts--if they were made using the new format. One's other questions may be how to convert them. That was mine as well when we began this process. In a word: not-happenin. My coder tells me it wouldn't work reliably. The manual has more information on layouts, too. cheers Art //

Submitted by gsgriffin on Sun, 2019-10-13 04:27


I shared this with some, but I just used it again as I was changing to a new computer (Cambio 10 to Cambio 12). It has worked for me with several different screens and several different conversion over the past couple of years. Has always worked for me without a problem.

I basically created a program that looks for all of the layout coordinates in the XML file and then converts and rounds to the nearest pixel. In my conversions, it hasn't failed. If you are doing a very large change in pixels and in shape of your screens, it could get a little sloppy, but we are then just talking about tweaks to the gauges and not having to move and adjust and scale and everything.

Try at your own risk, but you won't kill anything as you are creating a new screen file....don't copy over your original, please!


1) Upload your current screen xml file to YOUR Google drive. If you have Gmail, this is included for free. Please don't ask for technical support from me or Silverleaf for this. This is freeware without support.
2) Get the SHARE link for the file you just uploaded and make you have set it to share with the link.
3) Go to this Google Sheet:…
(this is a shared document, so if you see someone else is logged on and appears to be editing it, wait for them to complete before you work right on top of them. Use the chat at the top-right to communicate with each other)
4) In the Sheet, paste your URL in the top line.
5) Enter the current screen dimensions that the screen file you uploaded was on. Width and height in pixels.
6) Enter the desired pixels for the screen in the next section.
7) Give the program a minute to do the math and you will then see a list of code below the "Modified" line.
8) Copy all of the text below the line until the last line of code.
9) On your computer (outside of the browser), start a program like "Notepad".
10) Paste the code into "Notepad" and save as whatevername.scr.xml in a folder location where you can find it
11) Load the screen file in VMSpc.