when I changed from a 7 pin connector from my cummins 315 isc to a 9 pin connector for my 350 isl I was told I had to cut a lead inside my JS501 box. can anyone tell me what lead I'm a supposed to cut to make the new connector work properly thanks bob

Submitted by Art on Sat, 2016-12-17 10:57


Good morning Bob There is a black jumper block inside, it may need to be changed. Currently, marked 'J1939' its likely flagged. That is, the little block is slid down onto one of the pins. Remove it and connect it to both--jumping the two pins together. This has the effect of 'loading' the circuitry in a way which isn't required on J1708 (6-pin sockets.) Should you run into any snags just reply back or give a call Monday when we're back in the shop. Cheers Art Silverleaf Electronics Documentation central