new to this but see nothing on old 200 models. All of a sudden the transmission gear positions no longer show up on the top of the screen above the 3 functions I chose to see on the 200 drive window. From the manual, I see where transmission can be selected for viewing. Tried all 3 listed and gear data still will not show in the screen of the 200 in my old 2001 38' Beaver Contessa. Can someone direct me to some place where I can restore the transmission gear positions display on my Silver Leaf? Could it be Silver Leaf or wiring failure and where do I look for the cable connections, etc. Thanks

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2017-09-08 08:40


Hello Roland Sounds like a plug has come loose all right. I'll get with a couple of he fellas here and see if any of them remember how that may have been plumbed in. Odds are good there's a J1707 connection (under or near the dash) which can be reseated. If I don't get back here in the next couple days, give a call and ask for Dale; he's pretty knowledgeable of that era and model. cheers Art //