Manually Removing incorrect drivers (Prolific) (Originaly Posted on 23-APR-2003, by Robert L. McConn) (Original Thread: Stop Errow Screen with win XP ) I had the same problem and had no luck contacting SilverLeaf. They tried their best but could not solve the problem. The Bafo web site shows a new BF810 driver Version 1.5 for Windows XP. However, when I download this zipped file, I still got a driver SER2PL.sys Version I then contacted Bafo and they sent me an e-mail with the prober driver attached. They also included detailed instructions on removing the old version 1.3. Properly removing the old driver is very important. Here is Bafo's response and attached to this reply is the proper driver. Hope this all comes through o.k. If not feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will forward it all to you. Bob Mc Dear Robert, USB to Serial adapter - Windows 2000 & XP Manually Removing incorrect drivers Note: enable to see all the hidden files and folders 1. Go to Start / Search / For Files or Folders. Type in SERPORT and click Search Now. Search result will show serport.inf is located at C:\WINNT\INF and serport.vxd is located at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Please select serport.inf and serport.vxd and Delete. Note: You might have see more then 2 serport files, please delete all the files that contain serport files in C:\WINDOWS\… 2. Repeat step #1 to search “ser?pl” and “usb2ser” 3. Type OEM*.INF and click SEARCH NOW. If the file OEM*.INF can not be found please do the following: a. Go to the menu bar and click on TOOLS \ FOLDER OPTIONS \ VIEW TAB. b. Select SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS and click OK. c. Click SEARCH NOW. If you have multiple files of OEM*.INF, you need to search for the correct file to delete. Windows 2000 renames all drivers to OEM*.INF. a. Double click each file and Notepad will open it. b. Press Ctrl + F and type in the following: USB\VID_067B&PID_2303 and click FIND NEXT. The OEM*.INF file that contains USB\VID_067B&PID_2303 is the file that needs to be deleted. Close Find and Notepad windows. You may now delete this file by right clicking your mouse button and scroll down to Delete. 4. Go to Start / Run / type in REGEDT32 and click OK. Multiple windows will open at the same time. Find Hkey_Local_Machine à System / CurrentControlSet / Enum / USB / USB\Vid_067b&Pid_2303 and press delete. If you can’t delete this file, go to Security / Permissions / select the Full Control and click OK. Now you may delete USB\Vid_067b&Pid_2303. 5. Hkey_Local_Machine/System/ControlSet001/Services….please delete the filename “Serport” or “Ser?pl” 6. Hkey_Local_Machine/System/ControlSet002/Services….please delete the filename “Serport” or “Ser?pl” 7. Unplug the adapter and computer reboot 8. Plug in the adapter with USB cable and windows will find the new hardware 1. download attached driver 2. unzip the driver 3. attached USB cable with converter 4. let windows attached new hardware device 5. select specified a driver location 6. point to where you can see "ser2pl.inf" 7. click next to continue 9. and then Windows will find the driver 10. click next to finish the installation Best Regards, BAFO Support Center ------------------------------------------------------------------- MarkO re-posting Robert L. McConn =================================================================== Mark D. Overholser Engineering Technician SilverLeaf Electronics Inc. 2472 Ferry Street SW Albany, OR 97322 888-741-0259 541-967-8111 541-967-8988 (fax) ( ) ===================================================================