I understand that there is an upgrade USB unit that will allow the lost functions for the newer Allison tranny that shows Gears, temp etc as well as USB connectivity vs seriel port. Can you enlighten me on this upgrade unit? I have the VMSpc 2003 vintage, 6 wire plug for the Spartan. thx Alan

Submitted by don33952 on Mon, 2017-06-26 07:02


Art, (did not know how else to contact you) Finally got time to test out the fixed TM-501 USB JIB… Seems to be working… But when I get an error such as Over Temp, I also get a; ENG SID Controller #1 Frequency Error… Since this error is coming from the Engine Controller, could it be referring to an error when communicating with the TM-501 because it only seems to occur when the error pops up? See attached. Any ideas? Don