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Looking for a Bargain?

Submitted by Martin Perlot on Sat, 2006-07-15 11:13
[inline:SmPennies.jpg] Had your eye on a new VMS for you dash, but feeling a little thin in the wallet? Then this site is for you. Every once in a while we get a unit in our inventory that we can't sell as New. Sometimes these are units that failed an initial quality check, but could be repaired. Sometimes these are units that customers traded in for something bigger. Sometimes these are units used as demonstrators or scratched in handling. Many have minor cosmetic flaws. But they all have three things in common. They are fully functional SilverLeaf VMS units. They are backed by SilverLeaf Electronics, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. And they are, shall we say, attractively priced. But you have to be quick, because these are all first-come, first-served, limited offers. And the selection is constantly changing, so click now to see what's available today.