New Releases of VMSpc Software will be announced here.

VMSpc v4.0.8 is live!

v4.0.8 is part of a bug-fix trifecta The new coaches--2017 and on--have the 500k data links with green Deutsch socket are moving a tremendous amount of data. However, the PC Jib has gone electrically unchanged since...what...2008(?) --since first build. Sure, we tweaked the firmware a little now and then but otherwise unchanged. Turns out, we needed to change firmware, the internal clock** and PC program. Finding that combination was a bit tedious--yet, that is the sort of thing we specialize at here. **For you electrical heads, that's specifically the 22Mhz crystal, or "rock" --which got bumped up to 30Mhz. This bug fix combination is designed for this specific purpose. However, in older coaches, you may experience a knock-on effect in which your gauges smooth out. You may see they don't jump or spike. Be sure to give feedback if this is the case. I have my suspicions yet my budget doesn't allow for a 2008 Apex or other nice coach just for 'bug fixing.' Go figure. Also, with this release is a non-program change in the form of more sample layouts. We tossed together some gauge layouts which, at some point, will make their way to the 'default' screen during install. The Clintons were still president when the last default gauge layout was established.. For now you'll need to move them over yourself. The ReadMe.txt instructions [Not painful, I promise!] are in the new folder (in the distro') called Sample Layouts We'll make that more permanent once we get some feedback and know better what to pack into the next (installer) build. Quick mention: Many of you have been giving good feedback which led to this build. Sometimes the feedback is hard to hear--but yet we needed that, too. One particular beta tester suffered through trying crazy tin-foil-cap cables, SW tweaks, more tweaks, more cables and finally a experimental jib, experimental FW and a modded program--all while being expected to keep copious notes. Hats off to Marty Weston--and should you ever cross paths with him, make sure he leaves well caffeinated. ;-)

New Green 500K connector and Setup

Received the new 9 pin twist lock plug and had a problem installing it - got check engine warning and trans comm fail - no J1939 Data. Called and talked to Mark and he requested I send the unit back to SilverLeaf for an update. My question is - when I get it back, what version of VMSpc will best work with the new setup? Currently using 2.5 but that was with my old coach with a CAT 350 made in 2007. This new 2017 Newmar Dutch Star has given me some surprises with SilverLeaf. One other thing, I use Pressure Pro Bridge in the setup. Thanks in advance, Tom